A windy day, in October 2020, a huge tree fell down on my garden table. Though the legs were totally squashed, I kept the top in order to give it a second life. I started to pounce and rub it down, and little by little a tunafish appeared... I added som plastic bits found on the beach and entitled it Tabula Rasa / A Table ! ...
If my intention is to highligt contradictions, overfishing, plastic and ocean pollution, my intention is also to put forward the positive aspects in the process: giving the table a second life thanks to the fallen tree which fell due to age, strongly helped by the wind...
We humans have our way of going through change and loss when it becomes inevitable, but we also might feel the excitement of a new beginning !

                  Tabula Rasa | A table ! | Til bords ! Ø 60 cm, 2020 

Tabula Rasa

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