Art Sud n°50, 2005
Oddbjørg REINTON

I am not an animal painter in the traditional sense, but first of all an artist who tries to express inner feelings and contradictions like frustration, aggressiveness, joy, uncertainty, curiosity, sadness, will...through means which are given me.
In many ways it is a matter of self-examination; about my own identity, and if this is expressed through animal -"portraits" it is of course connected with my sensitiveness as regards their fate.
It seems to me that the artist's role should be to act like a sort of researcher - or like the philosopher - inquiring what is invisible, hidden, silenced or unexplained. Thus you will never get to the end of it, to the solution, and that is what is pushing you forward, from canvas to canvas in an almost gullible belief that you will end up in an answer.
The tactile part, the materials as such are as important as the pictorial part in my paintings; they complement one another. I like to mix techniques, to test out new methods and materials, to highlight the ambiguous features of the various animals through different use and ways: soft fur / bars of metal; light and free canvas / heavy steps and sand...
It is about seeing, but also about touching the surface of the canvas.
The common features of all the animals which call my attention is this ambiguity: the latent strength within the animal and its resignation in the "cage". In the recent years the latent strength seems to get the upper hand, even if the animal still is in its cage.
The "cage" is the limited surfaces of my paintings.
Born on January 14, 1963, in Oslo, Norway.
She lives and works in France.
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